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Delivering dealers real buyers

We have hundreds of pre-qualified buyers coming to us for a car every month. Our unique technology means we know what customers want and when they want to buy. We are building a growing network of dealers to sell more cars more often, with a focus to be the most innovative and customer focused centric business in New Zealand.


Reduce your marketing costs

Placing ads is expensive and especially on a per car basis. Dealership listings can also add up when vehicles may not sell. DealerConnect reduces costs by linking real buyers with desired cars directly, making the whole process easier.

Simply sell more cars

We exist for one purpose. To sell more cars and benefit our network of growing dealerships. Simplify’s model is a new, efficient way for dealers to sell more with 78% of our customers converting to a sale.

Costs nothing and makes cents

Simplify doesn’t charge Dealers for clicks, leads or listings. To you, that means free customers. To us, it’s that simple. Success for today’s dealers means embracing changing customer behaviour. That’s why we’re proud to connect buyers with dealers to make the process faster and easier for both.

That makes sense.

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Reduce your ad costs
Help you sell more cars

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