A better way forward
for dealers.

Smart Seller provides dealerships real buyers more easily who are ready now.


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The smarter way to sell cars.

Less marketing

Reduce car advertising and listing costs. No more having to generate awareness to find buyers for
every car directly.

lead generation

Leads are good, buyers are better. We advise in-market customers so they’re buy ready for the car in the dealership.

More revenue
with less resources

Costs are more important than ever. We help dealers sell more cars per-person and reduce the need for staff and overheads.

Get tomorrows customers, today.

We have hundreds of per-qualified
buyers coming to us for a car every
month. Our unique technology means
we know what customers want and
when they want to buy.

We are building a growing network of
dealers to sell more cars more often,
with a focus to be the most innovative
and customer centric business in New Zealand.

Our industry dynamics are changing.
Take advantage of the opportunities.

Customer expectations are increasing,  changing how they interact with the retail landscape. We manage and track hundreds of car buyers who provide us unique and key insights to how and what they buy.

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Selling during Covid-19: We’re helping Dealers with contactless test drives and purchasing  find out more

Working with and for dealers.

• Become a Dealer partner
• Automatically get Inventory Requests
• We advise customers on your cars to say you time
• We send a buy-ready customers to you
• Support with paperwork and delivery

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