Driven by our customers

Simplify provides New Zealanders a better way to finance, buy or subscribe to their next car. Because getting a car shouldn’t be painful, time consuming or complex, especially when it doesn’t need to be. It should be fun, easy and the one of your most enjoyable purchase experiences, not to mention fast.

From humble beginnings, Simplify has grown by focusing on providing easier access to finance, improving the process for buyers and ensuring customers get the right car, for the right price. Our core values are at the heart of everything we do for our customers, fairness, honesty and transparency.

Our team is a highly experienced management team, automotive experts and car enthusiasts who are passionate about helping Kiwis and starring them in the right direction.

We’ve always been passionate about helping customers get better car finance, now we’re using our knowledge, technology and vision to help the industry transform for the better.

A faster way to compare, access finance

We compare from the major lenders and negotiate directly to get customers a great rate. We provide 000’s of loans which provides us volume discounts, which means we provide the best pricing first time, every time.

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The easier way to buy a car

Our customers buy with confidence as our team run reports and check the cars. And with expert advice, we advise on the most suitable cars, negotiate, schedule the test drive and if needed arrange the finance.

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An eye on the road ahead

We’re constantly challenging and innovating, looking forward and providing flexibility for Kiwis to get their ideal drive. Recently we’ve {trailed}{launched} our car subscription service. Our customers can now try before you buy, maybe they only need a car for a month or two or don’t want exposure to the typical costs associated with ownership.

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Trusted sellers

We stand behind every car we sell and only partner with trusted sellers. Because our focus is on the customer, we’re not driven by selling a car that’s on the yard as we don’t own cars. This flexibility ensures we only ever offer the best quality cars, and also check the cars our customers want to finance.

Valued Dealers

We are building a growing network of dealers to provide our customers with the best cars and an easier way to finance, buy or subscribe to them. Our pre-qualified customers every month wanting well priced quality cars. We’re working with and for dealers, to meet the drivers of tomorrow.

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So, come on the journey with us. And drive better.