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There are many things you can do before buying a car to reduce the chances of any issues occuring down the track. Getting a vehicle report is one of them. Know the history of the car and any important issues before you buy.

Unfortunately, used cars sold often hold hidden secrets that can cost their new owners hundreds (or sometimes thousands) of dollars to rectify. One in three vehicles checked has money owing, an inconsistent odometer reading, previous damage or is reported stolen? If you buy a car without getting a full history check, you run the risk of it debts still owing or being worth far less than you paid for it.

Outstanding finance

Did you know that if there’s a security interest registered, another person or company may seize the vehicle to pay off the debt? A Simplify vehicle report will scan the vehicle’s registration number against the Personal Properties and Securities Register data (PPSR) and determine whether the vehicle is debt-free or not, as up to 12% have when checked.

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Odometer reading

The lower the kms, the more a vehicle is worth. Odometer history is recorded during every WoF/CoF inspection, and also during entry compliance inspections when a used import first enters New Zealand. If the odometer reading is inconsistent, it may indicate that some tampering has occurred somewhere down the line (i.e. it’s been wound back or disconnected), meaning that the vehicle could be a much more worn vehicle than the mileage would indicate. Getting a vehicle report should pick this up.

Car registration

A check will uncover if a vehicle is de-registered. A de-registered vehicle can be a costly and unexpected expense incurred to get it back on the road. The vehicle cannot legally be driven on the road and you’ll need to put it through the compliance process, which involves a more stringent inspection than a simple WoF.

This can happen if the vehicle was left without registration for 12 months (and automatically become de-registered) or the vehicle may have been in an accident and written off. Buyers need to be aware if a car that has been imported, that it has not been flagged as damaged at the border inspection.

Reported as stolen

Every single year, thousands of vehicles are stolen and many find their way back onto the marketplace. These sellers rely on the fact that some unsuspecting buyer will not check by getting a vehicle report prior to buying. If you purchase a vehicle that’s stolen, you won’t be able to transfer ownership and it possibly won’t be long until you have a visit from the NZ Police seeking to reunite the vehicle with its rightful owner, potentially leaving you out of pocket.

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