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Ultimate Buyers Guide.

Know what to look for and get tips for buying your next car.


You’re in the market for a new car, but knowing what to buy can be confusing with over 350 makes and models out there. Buying a new or used car is not something you do everyday, so it pays to get it right and look at your options. In this guide we’ve put together a comprehensive list to help you buy your next car.

Getting a new car is exciting, and car dealers know how to leverage this excitement to their advantage. So it pays to identify before you pre-shop on the types of models which suit your lifestyle, requirements and budget. This helps you avoid buying more car than you need and keeps you focused.

Surprisingly a lot of people do not make a list or consider their requirements enough and end up buying far more car than they need. Then find out later it does not 100% suit them. For example, consider things like how much do I use the car for work or downtime, is it mostly for you or the family, do you need it for a specific purpose, weekends away or surfing.

Inside this guide:

Or maybe you spend most of your time in the city and brunch is your thing.

Identify your ideal car and needs

Car buyer tips

Consider the type, new/used and budget

Get the right support

Car finance and buy options

Consider what suits your needs

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The car market is changing rapidly, there are

new types of cars being released to suit

changing markets and tastes. This means

often cars which were popular a decade ago

are not wanted now. So it’s a good idea to

track the top selling types so you don’t buy a

car that could be hard to sell in a few years

time. Some models that are desired now did

not even exist as a category 5 years ago.

We’d all buy new cars if money was not

object, but the reality is in most cases the

value is not there. You are paying a premium

with the value dropping in the first year by

over 25% and it’s also not a lot different from

the same model a year older.

A big factor these days is most cars are very

well built and a good used car should give you

several years of reliable motoring at a much

more reasonable price.

Consider the type

Used or New?

A trap a lot of people fall into is they do not set

a budget before they start the search. Some

may have an idea of what they want to spend

and often spend a lot more once they see

what’s out there, ending up with car far more

than they need and higher repayments than

they can afford in the long term. A great way

to ensure you stick within your budget is to

lock in finance pre-approval before your

start looking.

Going to the dealership with no plan and

excited about getting a new car can cost

you a lot more. Dealers have a range of

techniques they use to convince you to buy

and finance with them, including low rate

finance which does not always mean you end

up paying less. free service which should be

included or you may not need and free stuff

to steer you away from the ‘sticker-price’.

90% of the time if you’re prepared you can

negotiate a much better price and finance

terms than people commonly know.

Or better still you can Skip the Dealership

with Simplify as they can do it for you.

Shop within a budget

The dealer dilemma

Tips for buying a used car

For some, negotiating the purchase of a used car can be

a bruising encounter, either through a private seller or a

dealer. There are a list of simple tips that can turn the

task into cause for celebration. It’s best to be prepared

when buying a used vehicle regardless of what make,

model or who you buy from. So we’ve compiled a simple

checklist for buying a used car.

• Work out what you need – specifications, packaging, price, etc

• Establish a budget and do not go beyond it

• Work out in advance what you think is fair to pay for each car

• Be prepared to adjust your estimate downwards or walk away

• Take along someone who knows cars or an expert guide

• Check for obvious mechanical problems and noise during the test drive

• Review owner’s manual to ensure regular servicing has been undertaken

• Question anything that doesn’t seem or sound right

• Always get a vehicle report before you buy, or simplify can check for you

• Don’t offer a ridiculously low figure first up, but always negotiate

• Check photo identification, arrange car transfer/ownership documents

• Ensure you pay funds electronically so you have a record

• Don’t forget to arrange insurance cover before you drive away

Ultimate checklist for buying a used car

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compare your next car.

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Tips for buying a new car

Driving a new car can be a great, however walking into a

dealership and buying one on the other hand, can be up

there with public speaking and a dentist visit. Here are

key tips to make sure you come out on top as we have

compiled a list to make the car buying process as

painless as possible.

• Decide what you are looking for and what features are important to you

• Recognise what you like and dislike about your current vehicle

• Know what you can afford and stick to it, even with extras included

• Secure a financing and get pre-approved loan in place before you start shopping

• Financing at the dealership is often not the best deal you’ll get

• Do not buy the first car you see or like without comparing others

• Understand what is included in your car package and what isn’t

• Understand dealer incentives and what 0% or low rate finance actually costs

• Dealers will often talk about monthly payments, keep to the sale price

• Clearance sales, free servicing and guaranteed buy-backs are not always less

• Shop around for the best finance rates or let simplify.co.nz compare for you

• Make sure you’re comfortable with the way it drives and fits your needs

• Get the best deal for your old car and don’t except a low trade-in offer

• Avoid buying a lot of dealer add-ons and extras you may not need

Ultimate checklist for buying a used car

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