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How to maintain your car.

Car maintenance and servicing basics.

Basic car safety

Seatbelts – check tension and belt buckle operation

External Lights – replace bulbs if necessary

Handbrake – ensure that it can hold the vehicle on a slope

Windscreens & mirrors – check windscreens for cracks

Windscreen wipers – check wiper blades, replace if necessary

Horn – ensure this works

Fluids – check engine oil and engine coolant levels

Tyres – ensure tyres are the correct pressures, check treadwear

Spare tyre & jack – ensure they are operational, check toolkit

Fluids checklist

Engine oil

Radiator coolant

Brake fluid

Power steering fluid

Windscreen washer fluid

Gearbox oil

Differential fluid

Tyres checklist

Tyre pressures

Treadwear and tread depth

Spare tyre

Car jack and tools

Lights checklist


Indicators/hazard lights

Brake lights

Reverse lights

Park & Fog lights

Car maintenance

and servicing basics

Read the owner’s


Your car service manual may not be quite

as exciting to read, but it’s full of handy

information and tips: which fluids to top

up (and how often), how to check tyre

pressure, what to do when your engine

overheats and how to change the bulbs

in your blinker lights. It will tell you how to

perform basic maintenance jobs the

correct way.

Maintenance and

servicing checklists

With modern, computer-controlled

engine management systems, the old

days of popping the bonnet, grabbing a

wrench and having a ‘she’ll be right’

moment are long gone. However there is

list of simple things you can do to keep

your car running right and these haven’t

changed are largely the same as half a

century ago.

Don’t skip your

scheduled service

Make sure you keep track of your

scheduled services. These usually

involve a thorough check of the vehicle

and immediate attention to anything that

needs replacing: spark plugs, timing

belts, etc. There’s a written record of the

car’s service history, which becomes

important for buyers when you want to

sell the car in the future.

Increase your

vehicle’s longevity

To maximize the life and performance of your car, here is a simple list of items

you should check while you own your car. Some of these parts of your car

should be checked regularly while others only in the long run. Be sure to

follow your vehicle’s maintenance schedule and service interval record.

Helpful Checklists

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