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Get a vehicle report before you buy.

Know the history of the car

and any important issues.

Why you need to get a vehicle report

One in three vehicles checked has money owing, an inconsistent

odometer reading, previous damage or is reported stolen? If you

buy a car without getting a full history check, you run the risk of it

debts still owing or being worth far less than you paid for it.

Money owing and

outstanding loans

• If there is a security interest

registered, another person or

company may seize a vehicle to pay

off the debt.

• Often vehicle debts are hidden on

vehicle’s past plates.

• There are over 500,000 registered

debts on vehicles each year and

250,000 debts hidden on the past


Registration and licence

• Ensure vehicle currently licensed

and registered.

• Ensure the vehicle be driven on the

road and vehicle usage type.

• Has registration been canceled,

when and what was the cause.

• Current registration status.

• Origin of the vehicle registration.

• First registered in New Zealand and

if it was registered overseas.

Ownership history

• Full New Zealand ownership history

and how many owners.

• Name and address details on

non-individual ownership.

Previous damage

• Imported with structured damage

and identified at the border.

• Ensure the vehicle been identified

has not been damaged by water

and/or fire to the extent below the

safety standard required by New

Zealand law.

Vehicle valuation

• Find out the current market valuation

of your vehicle is. Where available the

future 1 year and 2 years values also


Plates history

• The history of registration plates that

have been issued for this vehicle in

New Zealand.

Any issues

• The Report details history and debt,

checks and exposes any problems in

one easy to read list of alerts,

warnings and notices.

Odometer history

• Odometer readings history of

recorded at the WOF/COF

inspections and during import

border inspections.

• Have the readings been consistent.

• Estimated current odometer


Warrant of fitness

• The latest inspection and ensure it


• The current WOF/COF and expiry.

Road user charges

• Current RUC licence details.

• Outstanding RUC charges.

• History of RUC charges.

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