Car subscription

More affordable than you think.

You may be surprised how cost effective car subscription can be not much more than buying, not to mention the benefits and flexibility it offers. Maybe it’s time you considered subscription and drive all inclusive for one simple weekly payment.

Ownership including depreciation cost

The biggest expense of owning a car is the incredibly large but invisible cost of depreciation. with a Simplify car subscription, we cover the depreciation risk so you don’t have to.

Often we don’t consider depreciation when buying a car, as you only really see the true cost when you realise how much your trade-in is worth or go to sell it privately.

With Simplify car subscription you get everything included, insurance, service and roadside assistance. All without the need to think about what to buy, negotiate with dealers or the headache of selling.

Calculating cost of subscribing vs buying

Comparing the cost of buying versus subscription, you may only be paying a small amount more, but with much greater flexibility.

*Depreciation rate of 12% and finance rate based on 60 month term. Potential costs include the purchase of the carand value of the car being $5598 at the end of the term.

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